Staff (pharmacist/nurses) will talk with you about any medicines you need to take. Medicines dispensed in the original manufacturer’s box contain a leaflet giving more information about the medicine.


Unlicensed Medicines:

Most of the medicines patients receive within the hospital will be licensed (this means the UK Government has authorised the manufacturers to sell the drug for specific uses). Sometimes, some patients will need to receive medicines that are unlicensed or may be used outside the terms of their licence. This can be for many reasons, for example:

  • It is waiting the granting of a UK licence from the Government


  • No UK company supplies the medicine


  • Usage of the medicine is low and therefore it is not economic for the makers to send the product for approval.


  •  It has been withdrawn from the UK market because demand is too low

Please be reassured that your doctor and pharmacist will have thought very carefully about what is the best medicine for you. They will always talk with you or your carer about using such a medicine. Often medicines used in this way have been widely used and have predictable side-effects which are no greater than licensed alternatives. If you have any concerns regarding the licensed status of your medicines, we ask that you speak to the doctor, nurse or pharmacist who is looking after your care.