Who Qualifies for Exemption/Permit?

Patient and visitor charges, exemptions and reductions

Some categories of patient qualify for exemptions and reductions in parking charges.

If you are a Carer you may be eligible for a Carer's Passport which offers free parking and other benefits - click here for details.

Senior ward staff may offer exemptions or reductions in parking charges to the categories of patients listed below if approached by a patient or visitor.

The forms are available from the Ward Managers and must be signedby a senior member of staff then the relative or vistor should take it to the Parking Shop for processing.

Exemption from parking charges apply in individual cases where:

  • Parents are staying overnight with children in the Children's Wards
  • Outpatients are having dialysis, radio- or chemotherapy
  • A trust Carer's Passport is held

Weekly or Fortnightly Parking Permits apply in individual cases where:

  • The patient has been an inpatient for 14 days or more
  • An inpatient of Critical Care Services has been receiving critical care interventions for more than 3 days and continues to so
  • After 3 days if the patient is diagnosed as terminally ill
  • The patient has been an inpatient in Neonatal/Special Care for more than 3 days
  • Outpatients with multiple appointments in one week

This will be at a cost of £15 for the weekly and £30 for the fortnightly permit which is non-refundable.


I am disabled – do I have to pay for parking?

Disabled users may park free in accessible spaces across the two hospital sites and, where these designated disabled spaces are not available, blue badge holders attending the hospital for the purposes of attending an appointment or supporting/visiting patient receiving medical care on site, may park in other parking spaces on site for the duration of their visit to the hospital. 

The Hospital sites have a large number of accessible spaces available throughout the patient and visitor car parks, but as you are aware from your blue badge handbook, the rules governing private land enable charges to be levied to all users parked on private land. Please note that failure to observe this ruling will result in a Parking Charge Notice being issued to your vehicle.

Useful documents

Take a look at Indigo's parking Terms & Conditions and FAQs