Get help with travel costs

 Can I get help with travel costs?

If you are on a low income or benefits you might be able to reclaim your transport costs to and from the hospital or other NHS premises, through the Healthcare Travel Cost Scheme (HTCS).  

There are conditions you must meet to be eligible for a refund under this scheme.  For more information see the Department of Health leaflet HC11

Types of transport

If you’re eligible and wish to make a claim, you should use the cheapest most appropriate means of transport, which in most cases will be public transport. We do not prohibit the use of taxis or voluntary sector providers, solely on the grounds of expense to the NHS, as there may be valid reasons why you might not be able to use public transport.  However, use of taxis should be discussed with the hospital or CCG before you travel and a letter from your consultant, GP or dentist confirming eligibility for this mode of transport, must be enclosed with the claim, if not your claim may not be processed.  

Type of transport Refund rate when used as cheapest suitable option Refund when used as patient choice
Public transport Lowest concessionary fare Lowest concessionary fare
Private car Full estimate cost per mile at regional agreed rate (currently 15p per mile), plus parking and tolls Lower of regional per mile fuel rate (15p per mile) plus costs or public transport cost
Community transport / voluntary sector provider Actual cost Lower of regional per mile fuel rate (45p per mile) or public transport cost
Taxis (prior approval must be sought) Actual cost Will only be reimbursed if prior approval has been given or a letter from patient's GP or Consultant establishing need is included with the application


Making a claim

To claim your transport costs you will need to complete form HC5(T) and send to the address on the form.  Once your entitlement has been confirmed the hospital will arrange payment direct to you.

Cash payments are not normally made on the day of your appointment at any of the Gloucestershire hospital sites.  If you do not have sufficient funds to pay your travel costs upfront you should contact the hospital or the CCG as soon as possible after you have received your appointment letter to discuss if it will be possible to provide you with an advance payment.  

More information

  • If you are unsure about the above process and would like some help or advice please contact our PALS team