Staff Travel and Parking

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1)      Staff Car Parking Permits

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3)      Staff Parking Map of GRH 

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5)      Sustainable Travel


Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital are located close to the centres of Gloucester and Cheltenham and are easily accessible by public transport, bicycle or car.  We support a variety of options to help staff choose the easiest and most sustainable way to get to our main sites.  This leaflet highlights the range of options available to you. 

We are proud of our commitment to sustainable travel and encourage all of our staff to use public transport or bicycles wherever possible.  You can find out more information about travelling to work by public bus, train, our free bus shuttle service, bicycle or motorcycle by visiting this page.  

The Trust has a Bicycle User Group (BUG) which meets regularly and is open to all employees of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who have an interest in cycling for commuting or leisure purposes.  Once you are a member of staff, you can visit the internal staff pages on the Intranet to find out about upcoming events, activities and offers.  The BUG also provides access codes to commuters who need access to our secure bike sheds and shower facilities.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a government initiative aimed at promoting healthier journeys to work.  The scheme allows the Trust to provide bicycles and safety equipment to employees as a tax free benefit.  The Trust purchases the bikes at full retail price, and staff can then pay for these via regular salary deductions from your gross salary.  This means staff can save on paying tax, National Insurance contributions, and pension contributions.  Once you start work, you can contact the Human Resources Department for more information.

Staff are also eligible for a variety of discounts through the Smart Go Gloucestershire scheme. This gives discounts on some train travel, bus tickets, car hire and bicycle purchase.

All information about car parking permits, car park locations, and how to contact our parking provider is available via this page.