Trust Non-Clinical Policies

On this page you will find a selection of Trust Non-Clinical policies. More policies will be added to this list as they come up for review.

B0619 Access and Egress
B0661 Annual Leave - Consultants, SAS Doctors, Clinical Assistants & Hospital Practitioners
B0287 Appraisal and Development Review
B0645 Business Travel
B0132 Counter Fraud and Corruption
B0406 Data Quality Policy
B0641 Decontamination Policy
B0300 Education, Training and Study Leave - Non Medical Workforce
B0703 Electricity at Work
B0718 Emergency Department Escalation Policy
B0722 Emergency Department Operational Policy for Gloucester Royal Hospital
B0725 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy
B0403 Health & Safety Policy
B0297 Induction
B0590 Internet and E-Communications Policy
B0591 IT Security Policy
B0682 Job Planning (Consultants, SAS Doctors and Trust Doctors)
B0651 Lease Vehicle Policy
B0286 Leave Policy
B0595  Legionella and Water Management 
B0721 Managing Overpayments and Underpayments Policy
B0288 Managing Performance (Capability) Policy
B0583 Mandatory Training
B0702 Media, Celebrity and VIP Visitors
B0649 Nursing Roster Management
B0304 Organisational Change
B0523 Patient Access to Treatment
B0713 Patient Flow & Escalation Policy
B0624  Patient Information (Production of Information for Service Users) 
B0688 Pay Progression
B0706 Pressure Systems (Operating Systems using Gas or Liquid under Pressure)
B0312 Raising Concerns (Whistleblowing)
B0690 Registration Authority Policy
B0646  Revalidation Appraisal - Senior Medical Staff 
B0135 Security Policy
B0307 Sickness Management
B0650 Smoke Free Workplace Policy
B0309 Spiritual Healthcare
B0607 Staff Support: Critical Incidents and Events
B0663 Sterile Services Operational Policy
B0662 Study Leave - Consultants, SAS Doctors & Hospital Practitioners
B0723 SUECN Repatriation and Prompt Transfer Policy
B0720 Temporary Staffing Policy
B0623 Transport
B0705 Ventilation
B0678 Volunteer Services
B0602 Workplace Wellbeing - Management of Workplace Stress