Booking Planned Patient Transport (PTS)

The PTS criteria agreed by the Gloucestershire Health Community has until recently been applied fairly loosely by staff in acute and primary care. However staff are now being asked to apply the policy more strictly.  

The policy has not changed, however there has been some variation in how the eligibility criteria has been applied by hospital staff, GP practice and primary care staff.

For example, patients who have had transport in the past and who’s mobility has improved, have continued to use PTS even though they no longer meet the criteria. 

Departments are now aiming to apply the policy more strictly. This is not least because most transport budgets are significantly over-spent and as a health community we cannot afford to interpret the policy loosely.

We are asking that everyone now follows the policy consistently, but we recognise that for some patients this will mean a change. If backup information is needed there is a policy leaflet available for GPs or practice staff to use when explaining the change.

Please note that usually a GP practice will book transport for the first appointment when referred to the hospital and a patient is eligible for transport. Subsequent visits are the responsibility of the relevant hospital department.