Hearing Services - high quality and local

A quality NHS hearing service delivered by experts

  • Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the hearing services department are proud of the high quality of the service provided by its expert specialist staff
  • The department complies fully with current Department of Health standards. The department has been successful in achieving QET accreditation and is currently working towards IQIPS accreditation as directed by the Royal College of Physicians.


Patients views matter

The Hearing Services Department actively encourages everyone who uses its service to comment on all aspects of the service, their initial and follow up care.

We are proud that in our last patient survey 100% of those surveyed stated that they were treated with courtesy  and consideration, and 97% stated that the service was either excellent or very good. 


Our services

The Trust offers a range of expert services within local community settings and also at Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals.

  1. Six week pathway for Adult Hearing Assessment

Use this when you are uncertain of the hearing level of your patient.

If however, you wish the patient to be considered for a hearing aid, please refer them to one of the following pathways instead. The benefits are that this speeds up the process and allow the Audiologist to start work without you seeing the patient between the hearing assessment and the hearing aid referral.

2. Four week pathway for Adult Hearing Aid Assessment

Use this when your patient wishes to be fitted with a new hearing aid in less than four weeks.

It is essential that your patient is able to attend our department twice within the four weeks following referral, firstly for the hearing assessment, and then for the fitting.

If your team is able to screen the patient’s hearing beforehand, this can determine whether or not they may be suitable for a one-stop assess and fit. Even better for the patient!

3. 18 week pathway for Adult hearing aid assessment

Use this when your patient is not be able to attend the hearing Services Department twice in four weeks and wants a hearing aid.

Please note:

All three of the services described above can be accessed easily through Choose & Book or paper referral, depending on the location.

All three services rely on your ability to discuss the implications of each pathway with the patient.

  • Six week assessment: the patient will need to discuss the result with you for further referral / treatment
  • Four week hearing aid assessment: the patient is able to attend twice within 4 weeks (over the last 6 months, 19% of patients could not attend the second appointment for a fitting).
  • 18 week hearing aid assessment: the patient wants a hearing aid.


To refer a patient please complete the Referral Forms from Choose and Book

Important note – clear and visible eardrums

All three services depend on your patient’s eardrums being fully visible and healthy. It is therefore very important that any wax present is removed by your surgery before the hearing assessment takes place (Approx. 5%, or 85 new patients were sent back to GP colleagues to have the wax removed).

Please, refer to the referral proforma on the C&B website   


Countywide battery replacement service

Local NHS Supply Chain batteries are available free of charge from 35 outlets throughout the county, including some GP practices, community hospitals, health centres, pharmacies and local volunteer groups.

A postal service is also available free of charge.

Gloucester area

  •  Barnwood Gloucester - Gloucester Deaf Association, Colin Road
  •  Berkley - Marybrook Medical Centre
  •  Bream Surgery
  •  Cam - The Orchard Medical Centre
  •  Churchdown - Badhams Pharmacy
  •  Cinderford - Dilke Hospital
  •  Cinderford - The Health Centre
  •  Coleford Health Centre
  •  Drybrook Surgery
  •  Dursley - The Vale Community Hospital
  •  Gloucester Royal Hospital - The main out-patients ‘information room’
  •  Highnam Surgery
  •  Lydney Hospital
  •  Lydney Practice – The Health Centre
  •  Mitcheldean Pharmacy 
  •  Newent - The Holts Health Centre
  •  Quedgeley - Severn Vale Surgery
  •  Stonehouse Health Clinic
  •  Stroud - Beeches Green Health centre
  •  Stroud - Rowcroft Surgery 
  •  Tetbury Hospital
  •  Tetbury - Romney House Surgery
  •  Wotton - Under- Edge - Chipping Surgery
  •  Wotton - Under- Edge - Culver Surgery
  •  Yorkley Health Centre


 Cheltenham area

  •  Bishops Cleeve - Stoke Road Surgery
  •  Bourton on the Water - Moore Cottage Hospital
  •  Cheltenham General hospital - The information desk, the main entrance
  •  Cheltenham - St Pauls Medical Centre
  •  Cirencester Hospital
  •  Cirencester - The Phoenix Surgery
  •  Fairford Hospital
  •  Moreton-In-Marsh Hospital
  •  Tewkesbury Hospital
  • Winchcombe Medical Centre

Please, let us know if you wish to be considered for battery provision.


Hearing aid services

  • Full hearing aid provision including assessment, fitting, review and ongoing maintenance is available at Cheltenham General, Cirencester, Dursley, Gloucestershire Royal, Lydney,  Moreton in Marsh, and Stroud Hospitals. 
  • In addition, limited hearing aid maintenance is available at Tetbury and Tewkesbury Hospitals (with a view to developing a full hearing aid service in Tewkesbury within the next 6 months. 
  • Specialist rehabilitation hearing therapy clinics are provided locally in Cheltenham, Cirencester, Coleford, Gloucester, Stroud, and Tewkesbury. This service is currently being assessed in order to expand in other local sites. 


Acute services:

  • ENT:  Within Hearing Services we provide a comprehensive and valuable diagnostic service for seven busy ENT consultants, four SPRs, four Middle-grades and five SHOs. The service includes audiometry, advanced diagnostic assessments such as Speech, Otoacoustic Emissions, Balance testing, assessment of specialist conditions and more.
  • ENT Casualty Clinics also refer patients to Hearing Services for a hearing assessment.
  • Wards refer patients with a number of different conditions who may also require a hearing assessment, and a hearing aid fitted before leaving hospital
  • Full hearing aid provision including assessment, fitting, review and ongoing maintenance.
  • Tinnitus management is provided at both acute hospitals.
  • Hearing Therapy is provided at both acute hospitals.
  • Specialist hearing aid provision (CROS system, Bone Anchored Hearing Aid for Adults).
  • Specialist hearing rehabilitation service provision (i.e: profound and complex hearing losses, dual-sensory impairment, patients with learning disability and those with diminished capacity)
  • Postal hearing aid repair service.


Other services provided by Hearing Services include:

  • Student Audiologists training
  • Health workers hearing education courses/ training
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Tinnitus Management
  • Personal and professional development
  • SCBU/ advanced Neonatal testing
  • Paediatric assessment/ hearing aid fitting
  • Social services, in co-operation with Gloucestershire Deaf Association (GDA) and Hearing Therapy offer a support service in the patients’ home