Update on Stroud Direct Access Endoscopy Clinics

The future of these clinics has been assured, as they are coming under the leadership of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,  with extra capacity to keep waiting times to a minimum.

The clinics will be held in Stroud Hospital Endoscopy Suite by Dr Richard Waldon (OGD, every Tuesday afternoon) and Dr David Pouncey (Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, every Friday morning).

The advantages of these clinics include:

  • Prompt and reliable endoscopies carried out by experienced practitioners in friendly and comfortable surroundings.


  • Advice on management of findings routinely given as part of the reports.


  • Direct links between the endoscopists and their secondary care colleagues which allows rapid onward referral or further advice when necessary.


  • Enema preparation for Flexi Sig (rather than oral preparation) means only one morning needs to be taken off work for the test.


  • Both doctors are happy to discuss referrals on the phone: Dr Waldon: 01453 764471, Dr Pouncey 01453 883793.

Referrals can be made by Choose and Book: Speciality: Diagnostic Endoscopy, Clinic Type: Gastroscopy or Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, then choose “Endoscopy Assessment service – Stroud General Hospital RTE”.   

Please include the name of Dr Waldon or Dr Pouncey in the text of the referral; by OGD referral algorithm;  or by conventional letter.


Thank you for your ongoing support, ensuring the success of these local clinics.