Paediatric Guidelines

These guidelines are empiric antibiotic choices only and should always be reviewed when positive microbiology results are known.

Further advice may be obtained from the children's BNF, medicines information ext 6108 at GRH and 3030 at CGH and the paediatric pharmacist.

This site contains guidelines registered with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is intended solely for use by healthcare professionals to aid the treatment of patients currently within the Trust's care (link to full disclaimer)


Click on the appropriate indication below :

 Please also follow the link to the NICE - Traffic light system for identifying risk of serious ilness.

Aspiration Pneumonia

Community Acquired Pneumonia

Hospital Acquired Pneumonia


Meningitis & Encephalitis


Sepsis of Unknown Origin


Urinary Tract Infection


Abdominal Sepsis


Neutropenic Sepsis 

Skin, Bone & Soft Tissue
Animal / Human Bites


Orbital / peri-orbital Cellulitis

Septic Arthritis / Osteomyelitis

Acute Mastoiditis

Epiglottitis/Bacterial Tracheitis

Neck Space Abscess

Otitis Media