Cardiac ward staff

Our staff

A variety of people will be responsible for your care whilst in hospital. Some of the staff you may come in contact with while on the Cardiac Ward are: -


For more information on the Consultants please click on their name.

Sister: - Navy blue dress / tunic / trousers.

Staff Nurse: - Blue and white striped dress / tunic with red piping and navy trousers.

Male Staff Nurse: - White tunic with striped epaulets and navy trousers.

Nursing Auxiliaries : - Green striped dress / tunic and navy trousers.

Bank Staff: - White dress / tunic and navy trousers.

Housekeeping Staff: - Pink and white stripped dress / tunic and trousers.

Domestics Staff: - Pale green and white striped dress / tunic and trousers.

Yellow dress with blue tabard.

Other staff involved in your care may include: junior doctors, cardiac technicians, cardiac rehab nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, ward clerks, pharmacists and student nurses.

Consultant ward rounds / When will I see a doctor?

Consultants have varying times for their ward rounds. Please ask your allocated nurse for this information.

Medicine rounds

Medicine rounds take place at: -

8am, 12noon, 5.30pm and 10pm

if you have brought your own tablets into hospital these will be stored in your locked drug cupboard and returned to you with any new medications on discharge.