Food and Drink in the Chedworth Suite

Mealtimes and Catering

We do not serve food on the day unit, unless the patient is with us overnight. You will be offered hot and cold drinks and biscuits when you return to the unit after surgery.

Please be aware that we cannot offer visitors drinks; there are two restaurants in the hospital that provide facilities to visitors. Patients that are staying with us overnight will be offered a sandwich at lunchtime and a cooked meal in the evening at 6pm. If a patient is in theatre at 6pm, when they return to the ward and are ready to eat they will be offered a sandwich. Breakfast will be served on the morning of discharge.


Additional Information

If English is not your first language, and you may require the services of an interpreter, please let the ward know before your admission, if at all possible.

If you are hearing impaired and need to sign, we may also be able to provide someone to help with this.