Visiting Chedworth Suite

Due to the nature of day surgery and limited space, patients are not in hospital for very long. We therefore do not encourage  visitors into the unit. One person can sit with the patient until surgery but they will be asked to leave or sit in the waiting area once the patient goes to theatre.

It is advisable for relatives/friends to leave the unit and come back when the patient is ready to be discharged. This gives the patient time to sleep and recover from their anaesthetic. The nurses will telephone the person who is to escort the patient home to arrange transport (if not already agreed).


Children are not allowed in the day unit. If you do need to bring your children in when picking up a relative, you may be asked to wait in the waiting room with them so that other patients are not disturbed.

If a patient is staying overnight on Chedworth then the visiting hours are from 6pm to 8pm. Only two visitors are allowed to visit at a time.