Dixton Ward

Dixton Ward is a Trauma and Orthopaedic Ward. We are located in the College Road Wing on the 3rd Floor.

Our Aim is to ensure each patient receives the highest standard of care respecting his/her culture.

Dixton ward consists of 21 beds. There are three single sex bays and 3 siderooms.

The Ward is led by a Senior Sister Jan Barnard and two Junior sisters who are Jo Williams and Emma Ashcroft. They are supported by a nursing Team made up of Staff Nurses, A Lead Health Care Assistant and Health Care Assistants. We have two Ward Clerks. We also have Student Nurses who when are on placement work under the Staff Nurses supervision.

We also have a team of Multidisciplinary staff to include Specialist Nurse Practioners, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Worker, Ward Pharmacist, The Pain Team and Tissue Viability who all work in teams to concentrate on the delivery of care to the patients on the ward.

Although the ward is very busy, the atmosphere is friendly. Our aim is to deliver a high standard of care in a safe environment, for patients who have been involved in some type of trauma related incident.

What to expect when you are admitted 

On admission to Dixton ward you will be welcomed by one of the nursing team who will admit you to the ward and take your personal, medical and social details. Your name and the name of the consultant will be displayed on the board above your bed.

Your admitting nurse will be responsible for initiallly settling you into the ward and assessing your needs, explaining proceedures and planning your care.

You will see a doctor who will order any other appropriate investigations. Your care thereafter will very much depend on your reason for admission. The Consultant responsible for your care will see you on the following day morning, this includes the weekends.

Please be aware that the Trust is now a smoke free NHS. Smoking is not permitted in any building or within the grounds of any of our sites. Information and support is available to any patients who wish to stop smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to help reduce your cravings during your stay

A variety of people will be responsible for your care whilst in hospital. Some of the staff you may come in contact with while on Dixton Ward are: -

Orthopaedic Consultants

For more information on the Consultants please click on their name.

A&E Consultants

For more information on the Consultants please click on their name.

 Ward Staff

Sister: - Navy blue dress / tunic / trousers.

Staff Nurse: - Blue and white striped dress / tunic with red piping and navy trousers.

Male Staff Nurse: - White tunic with striped epaulets and navy trousers.

Health Care Assistants: - Green striped dress / tunic and navy trousers.

Bank Staff: - White dress / tunic and navy trousers.

Housekeeping Staff: - Pink and white stripped dress / tunic and trousers.

Domestics Staff: - Pale green and white striped dress / tunic and trousers.

Other staff involoved in your care may include doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, ward clerks, pharmacists and student nurses. Other Specialist Nurses like Nurse practitioners, Pain sisters, Tissue viability nurses, etc.

Nurse Specialists: - We have Trauma & Orthopaedics nurse practitioners who work within our ward team.

Consultant Ward Rounds / When will I see a Doctor?

The various teams of doctors conduct a round every day except week ends.

We appreciate that being in hospital can be a stressful time, not only for you but for your family too, so we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible and aim to get you home as soon as possible so that you can continue your recuperation there.

Our philosophy of care is to ensure that each patient receives care of the highest standard. We strive to provide our patients with the same level of care which we want to receive ourselves should we be the patient We believe that by working as a team to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, we are well suited to allow our patients to express their emotions and concerns.

If you have any concerns about your injury or care, or any of the services provided, speak to someone immediately so that your concern can be addressed out as quickly as possible.

Medicine Rounds

Medicine rounds take place at: - 08.00am, 12noon, 05.30pm and 10.00pm.


Going Home

When you arrive on the ward your nurse will advise you approximately how long your stay in hospital will be. We hope you have already made some plans and preparations for your discharge and how you will manage when returning home.

We are unable to provide hospital transport to take you home and this is another consideration to be made prior to admission. Discharge planning starts as soon as you are admitted as we like to know your social circumstances and give you a proposed date for discharge. A more definite date is normally given twenty four hours before your discharge.

For your discharge to go ahead your team of doctors, the physiotherapist, occupational therapist and nurse have to be happy that you are fit and ready. Prior to your discharge you may receive all or some of the following: - an outpatient’s appointment, a practice nurse appointment, medication and aids from the physiotherapist and occupational therapist. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask the nursing staff.


Visiting times are: - 3pm - 4.30pm and 6pm - 8pm

Two visitors per bed at any one time please. This is necessary not only because the patient will be overtired by more, but space is limited and overcrowding poses a health and safety hazard. We also limit the amount of flowers due to lack of space, infection risk and health and safety.

Additional Information

There are several WRVS shops around the hospital.

Newspapers and magazines can be purchased daily from the trolley which visits the ward between 10am – 12noon.

A Dietician, Chiropodist, Dentist and Pharmacist are all available on site and the staff will inform you of these in more detail should you wish.

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy will arrange for your family to observe / help with sessions if you wish, particularly prior to discharge.

Social Services

We've got a good team of social workers based in the hospital. If you need any social help please contact a member of staff they will be able to arrange this service.

If any special help is needed for communication (English as a 2nd Language) the staff will arrange an interpreter or your friends / relatives are welcome to help.

Chaplaincy staff visit the Ward, or you may arrange for your own spiritual advisor to visit

Mealtimes and catering

You will be given a menu card every day to choose your meals for the next day.

  • Early Morning Tea: - 6.45am - 7am
  • Breakfast: - 7.45 am - 8.30am
  • Lunch: - 12.30pm – 1pm
  • Supper: - 5.15pm - 6.30pm

 Beverages: - Mid morning / mid afternoon / late evening

The catering staff are an integral part of the meal delivery service at Cheltenham General Hospital. The staff are visible on the ward throughout most of the day, serving food, washing up and cleaning in the ward pantry as well as delivering stock. The Catering staff are easily recognised by their uniform; royal blue polo shirts, navy blue baseball caps and trousers and, of course, a smile.

There are two restaurants at Cheltenham General. The Blue Spa Café is located at the front of the hospital in Centre Block. The Glass House Cafe can be found in St Paul's Wing. Read more about our Catering Services.


How to contact the ward

You and your family will be informed of the best time to telephone for news following your surgery.

Telephone numbers: - 0300 422 3507

Or Telephone Switchboard on 0300 422 2222 and ask for Dixton Ward.

It would be helpful if one member of your family telephones and relays the information to the rest of your family and friends.

There is also a telephone for each patient at the bedside. You may purchase phone cards from machines located around the hospital to enable you to make phone calls. Relatives and friends can telephone you; on the number you will be given on admission.

Any questions?

If you have any concerns during your stay with us or have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, please do not hesitate to talk to the Ward Manager or any of the staff nurses who are always willing to answer any questions whilst on duty.

Please be aware that the Trust is now a smoke free NHS. Smoking is not permitted in any building or within the grounds of any of our sites. Information and support is available to any patients who wish to stop smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to help reduce your cravings during your stay.