When you are admitted to Eyford

When you arrive on the ward you will be shown to a bay. Your details will be checked as well as blood pressure and pulse. You may also have a vision check. Most likely drops will be instilled into your eye in preparation for your operation. Following care will depend on the reason for your admission.

Patients go into theatre in their normal clothes; only under special circumstances do we ask people to change into a gown. There are areas to do this. We have toilets on the ward and all are accessible to disabled patients.

Single sex accommodation is also provided for patients having a general anaesthetic or sedation.

When will I see a Consultant?

All patients see the doctor prior to going into theatre.

This will be to sign their consent form and give them the opportunity to ask any last minute questions.

Space is limited within the Day Unit for relatives.  A waiting area is within the landing area just outside the entrance.