Hazleton Ward

Hazleton Ward is a 20 bedded Medical Ward, specialising in Gastroenterology. It is located in College Road Wing on Level 3. The nearest car park to the ward is the West Block Car Park on Sandford Road. There is a ramp entrance or steps up via the Pillars Entrance. The ward is accessible via a lift or stairs

The Hazleton Team prides itself on being open, friendly and professional, with staff that treat you with respect and kindness.

What to Expect When you are Admitted to our Ward

When you are admitted to Hazleton,  staff will provide as much information about your admission, your condition, how long you might expect to stay in hospital and discharge arrangements for you and your family/carers

Please bring with you toiletries, a towel, night and day clothes and all your current medication.

We do not advise patient’s to bring in large amounts of money or valuables.

Please be aware that the Trust is now a smoke free NHS. Smoking is not permitted in any building or within the grounds of any of our sites. Information and support is available to any patients who wish to stop smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to help reduce your cravings during your stay.

A variety of people will be responsible for your care whilst in hospital. Some of the team are detailed below.

Senior Sisters/ Ward Managers

The Senior Sisters/ Ward Managers are Sister Catherine Butler and Sister Anne Elyan, who are proud to lead a caring nursing team. You will have a named qualified nurse every shift and they are happy to help answer any questions that you have. If you should need to speak to either Sr Butler or Sr Elyan please ask a nurse or at Ward Clerk Reception and this can be arranged.  

Gastro- Enterology Consultants

For more information on the Consultants please click on their name.

The Consultants work on the Ward on a rotation basis and are designated as the Ward Consultant for two weeks at a time. Outpatient or follow up care, where needed, will be directed by one of them. The Consultants lead a team of Junior Doctors of Registrars, Senior House Officers (F2)  and House Officers (F1)

A Ward round is held each week day morning. Senior doctors will review you and update you of progress and plans.  If you want your relatives/carers to speak to a Doctor please ask a nurse or at Ward Clerk Reception.

Specialist Nurses

Gastro Specialist Nurses: Sarah York & Margaret Collins.

Liver Specialist Nurse: Debbie Durrant 

Alcohol Liaison Nurses: Googie Smith 

Other members of the team who may be involved with your care include

 Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Ward Clerks, Pharmacists, Dieticians, Speech and Language Therapists and the Discharge Team.  Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy will arrange for your family to observe / help with sessions if you wish, particularly prior to discharge

You may also meet nurses and doctors who are students in training, They are supervised at all times.  

Going Home

When you arrive on the ward your nurse will advise you approximately how long you are likely to stay in hospital, giving you an Estimated Date of Discharge. We hope you have already made some plans and preparations for your discharge and how you will manage when returning home. Discharge planning starts as soon as you are admitted and we will ask you about your social circumstances.

We are unable to provide hospital transport to take you home unless your mobility is severely restricted.

A definite discharge date is normally given 24 hours beforehand. For your discharge to go ahead your team of doctors, the physiotherapist, occupational therapist and nurse have to be happy that you are fit and ready.

 If you or your relatives/carers have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask the nursing staff.


Visiting times are: - 3.00pm - 4.30pm and 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Three visitors is the maximum per bed at any one time please. This is necessary not only because the patient may be overtired by more, but space is limited and overcrowding poses a health and safety hazard. We also limit the amount of flowers due to infection risk and health and safety.

We do not recommend babies being brought in to visit  for their own protection

Please speak to the Sister or Nurse in Charge if there are extenuating circumstances that make visiting difficult during these hours

Medicine Rounds

As we are a Medical Ward, the Medicine Rounds are very important and can take some time. They take place at:   8.00am, 12.00pm, 5.00pm and 10.00pm. It can be more difficult to answer the telephone at these times.

Mealtimes and Catering

You will be given a menu card every day to choose your meals for the next day. Please inform the staff if you have any allergies or specialized dietary requirements

  • Early Morning Tea: - 6.45am - 7.00am
  • Breakfast: - 8.15 am - 8.45am
  • Lunch: - 12.00pm – 1.00pm
  • Supper: - 5.00pm - 6.00pm
  • Beverages: - Mid morning / mid afternoon / late evening

There are two Restaurants at Cheltenham General. The Blue Spa Café is located at the front of the Hospital in Centre Block. The Glass House Cafe can be found in St Paul's Wing. For more information Click Here. 

Social Services

We've got a good team of social workers based in the hospital. If you need any social help please contact a member of staff they will be able to access this service

Additional Information

There are several WRVS shops around the hospital. 

Newspapers/magazines can be purchased daily from trolley which visits the ward between 10.00am – 12noon.

If any special help is needed for communication (English as a second Language) the staff can arrange an interpreter however, your friends / relatives are welcome to help.

Chaplaincy staff visit the Ward, or you may arrange for your own spiritual advisor to visit

Any Questions

If you have any concerns during your stay with us or have any suggestions on how we can improve our service, please do not hesitate to talk to the Senior Sisters/ Ward Managers or any of the staff nurses who are always willing to answer any questions whilst on duty.


How to Contact the Ward

You and your relatives/carers will be informed of the best time to telephone for news.

Telephone numbers: - 0300 422 4006 & 0300 422 4106

Or Telephone Switchboard on 0300 422 2222 and ask for the Ward.

Every patient can ask for a bedside phone. The number is detailed on the phone. The charges are at mobile rates & cards are available from machine in corridor. These telephones rarely accept calls abroad, and occasionally, the service is limited They are not owned by the hospital so should you experience any difficulties; please report these to a member of the nursing staff who will inform the company the next working day

Mobile phones are permitted if used with sensitivity to the other patients on the ward. There is no hospital WFI access so you would need to arrange your own. 

It would be most appreciated if one person telephones the ward and relays the information to the rest of the family to enable the nurses to devote as much time as possible to caring for the patients.