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Visiting times are: - 3.00pm - 4.30pm and 6.00pm - 8.00pm daily

We have a strict no visiting policy between the hours of 1.00pm - 3.00pm. During this time patients have a rest period and any visitors will be asked to leave the bed areas except by special arrangement.

Cleanliness and Infections in Hospital

Some people are admitted to hospital with infections that require them to be cared for away from other patients to prevent the spread of that particular infection. Please follow the instructions given to you by staff.

You will be nursed in a single room; the door may need to remain closed, depending on the nature of your infection. Please pay particular attention to hand washing and general cleanliness at all times, especially when leaving the room.

If you have been in contact with chickenpox, measles or mumps within 3 weeks of your admittance to hospital, please inform a member of staff.

We ask that visitors suffering from minor infections such as a cold avoid visiting if possible, for their sake as well as the patients. We do not recommend babies being brought in to visit, again for their own protection.

Hand washing. The most common means by which infection is transmitted is by hand, therefore handwashing is a very basic, yet vital infection control measure. Alcohol hand gel is kept at the entrance of the ward and at each bedside for all the visitors to use before and after visiting. For hygienic hand disinfection apply 3ml (3 shots) to physically clean hands for 30 seconds ensuring all areas are covered, until dry. For more information on Cleanliness and Infections click here.

Additional Information

There are several WRVS shops around the hospital. For information Click Here

The single rooms on Rendcomb are primarily used for isolation reasons for patients who have a low immunity due to certain chemotherapy regimes.

If you are admitted into a single room, but do not warrant it for these reasons, you may be asked to move at any time.

We would be grateful for your co-operation during these times, as it is of high importance that these patients take priority

Due to bed limitations and emergency admissions, you may be asked at any point to transfer to another ward so we can take emergency admissions.

In this situation patients are allocated for transfer if their discharge is imminent or their care can be carried out on a general ward. Patients receiving Chemotherapy and certain other specialised treatments will not usually be transferred.

If English is not your first language, and you may require the services of an interpreter, please let the ward know before your admission, if at all possible.

If you are hearing impaired and need to sign, we may also be able to provide someone to help with this.

A Hairdresser, Dietician, Chiropodist, Dentist and Pharmacist are all available on site and the staff will inform you of these in more detail should you wish.

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Social Services can be accessed via referral from Ward staff. Chaplaincy staff visit the Ward, or you may arrange for your own spiritual advisor to visit.