Pamington Suite

Pamington Suite is a Surgical Admission Suite and a Pre-assessment Unit.

Pamington Suite is located on the ground floor of the Centre Block at the rear of the hospital.

Patients are seen here prior to being admitted to the hospital for routine operations. The purpose of this is to ensure that you are fit and well for your surgical procedure and to undergo any tests that you may need in preperation for your forthcoming operation.

Patients are admitted to Pamington Suite on the day of surgery at 8am or 1pm to get ready for theatre.

Please be aware that the Trust is now a smoke free NHS. Smoking is not permitted in any building or within the grounds of any of our sites. Information and support is available to any patients who wish to stop smoking. Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to help reduce your cravings during your stay.

What to expect when you are admitted to our department

You will be asked to come to Pamington Suite in the morning or afternoon depending on the time of your surgery.

You will be shown into the waiting room and a nurse will come and call you through when ready. You will be informed of an approximate time when you will go to theatre. The nurse will let you know what ward you will go to after your surgery. Sometimes the nurse will not know what ward you will go to until it is time for you to go to surgery. You and your family will be told as soon as the information is available.

The nurse will put a name band on you and will re-check your details. The nurse will record your blood pressure, pulse and temperature and get you ready for surgery when it is your turn. You can ask questions at any time and the staff will be more than happy to answer them. 

There are several theatre lists running at the same time but in different theatres so do not be concerned if you see other patients go to theatre before you. You may have to sit in the waiting area until it is your turn for surgery as there are a limited number of cubicles on Pamington. 

An anaesthetist will come and see you before you go to theatre to explain the anaesthetic and how they will care for you during surgery. The surgeon or a member of their team will come and see you explain the procedure and ask you to sign the consent form.

What to expect if you attend the pre-admission clinic

You will be seen by one of the doctors or nurse practitioners in your consultant's team who will examine you and you will be asked about your medical history.

The nurses will take your blood pressure, measure your height, weigh you and check your home and personal details to make sure they are correct. You will be given the information you need about your operation, which will include your fasting instructions and all the preparation needed for your operation. You will be told what to expect when you come back from theatre and what will be likely to happen in the first few days following your surgery.

There will be an opportunity during your appointment to ask any questions you may have about your admission to hospital and you will be encouraged to do so.

All patients at pre-assessment need to have a blood sample taken. Some may require an ECG (a tracer of the heart) or an x-ray. Staff will make arrangements for the tests to be carried out either within the Pamington Suite or in the appropriate area.

Patients for thyroid operations will need to have a check on their vocal cords in addition to the above and this will be arranged for you.

You are very welcome to bring a relaitive or friend with you for this appointment, but due to lack of space we have to limit this to one person only. They can stay with you throughout your appointment if you  wish.

We try to keep delays to a minimum. However, you should be prepared to be in the clinic for between one and three hours.

Our staff

A variety of people will be responsible for your care while in hospital. Some of the staff you may come in contact with in Pamington Suite are:

For more information on the Consultants please click on their name.

General Surgeons



Ward Staff

Sister: - Navy blue dress / tunic / trousers.

Staff Nurse: - Blue and white striped dress/ tunic and navy trousers.

Nursing Auxiliaries: - Green striped dress / tunic and navy trousers.

Bank Staff: Blue and white striped dress / tunic and navy trousers.

Receptionist: Blue blouse and black trousers/ skirt.



There are no visiting times  on Pamington as it is an admission suite. Patients are welcome to bring a relative or friend to provide moral support. Due to Pamington being a small area this has to be limited to one person only. The relative or friend is welcome to phone Pamington for information as needed.

Contact us

To contact the department please phone:

0300 422 2559 or 0300 422 2560