Mr Christopher Knudsen

Consultant Surgeon


Primary medical qualifications

M.B., CH.B (Degree awarded with Honours)
F.C.S. (SA Orth)

Date of registration

October 1979


Chris Knudsen is an experienced Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon who was first appointed a consultant in 1991.  He has a broad orthopaedic background but has specialised in shoulder surgery and hip replacement surgery.

Areas of expertise

  • soft tissue shoulder surgery (arthroscopic decompression, rotator cuff repair, shoulder stabilisation).
  • shoulder replacement surgery (primary and revision replacements).  Visiting shoulder surgeons attend to learn replacement surgery
  • shoulder fractures
  • hip replacements

Inpatient services

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Outpatient services

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Stroud Hospital

Vale Hospital


Secretary:                                  0300 422 6770

Outpatient booking Office:         0300 422 6952

In patient admissions:                0300 422 8142

Day case admissions:                0300 422 8142