Dr Sara Motion

Consultant Paediatrician


0300 422 5705

Primary medical qualifications

I initially qualified in 1985 , MB.CHB , from Bristol University.

Areas of expertise

During my early medical years , I gained broad experience across a number of adult and then a full range of paediatric specialties, with specialist attachments in childrens oncology, cardiology , TB and respiratory illness , Neurology and General Paediatrics , including working for 6 and 1/2 years overseas in Hong Kong and South Korea, giving further breadth to my early clinical experience.

I have specialised in the management of children with longterm, Neurodevelopment and Neurodisability conditions since 1995.

Since 2011 , I have held management responsibility for the hospital in 2 areas .

In 2011, I was appointed as the Named Doctor for Children's Safeguarding Services , and in 2014 was appointed as the Designated Medical Officer for Special Needs and Disabilities have led the programme/pathway for Children and young people's Disabilities/Special Needs (SEND).

These roles have reduced  my available sessional time for clinics.

I have a part-time contract , employed for 3 and 1/2 days/week

In addition to a broad background of clinical experience , I have a family with 3 children.


Inpatient services

Dr Motion works with the duty consultant at the Children's Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital when children in her care are admitted to hospital. 

Date of registration

I was accredited as a Paediatric Consultant in 2001, and have practiced as a Paediatric Consultant in Gloucester since September 2001.

Outpatient clinics

Outpatient clinics are predominantly located at Stroud General Hospital and Vale Community Hospital, in Dursley. Dr Motion also holds one clinic a month at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and in the special schools, Shrubberies and St Roses, in Stroud. 

Dr Motion aims to meet children and their families in the most convenient location for them, to minimise disruption from school etc.