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AEC is a national initiative designed to reduce admissions, take pressure off Emergency Departments and most importantly, to improve the quality of care for our patients. The new service provides same day emergency care to patients which means patients are assessed, diagnosed, treated and are able to go home the same day with or without follow-up care.

Suitable medical patients will be accepted when there is capacity within our AEC units and there is a reasonable prospect of the patient being ready for discharge within the opening times of the unit.

The AEC unit can now take referrals from GPs  via the Single Point of Clinical Access helpline: 0300 421 0300

Patients can also be referred to the AEC by staff in our Emergency Departments (A&E).


Opening Hours and Referrals

GRH AEC is open 8am - 6pm, seven days a week, with the last referral/arrival time accepted at 4pm. This is to allow time for assessment and treatment to be undertaken before the unit closes. The AEC service is in addition to the existing consultant physician call line and the Medical Day Unit services.

CGH AEC is open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm, with last referral/arrival by 4pm.

The Units accept referrals from GPs via the SPCA and via the Emergency Departments when patients are identified as being suitable for treatment in the AEC. 

All GPs in the county can refer patients through the Single Point of Clinical Access (SPCA).

SPCA Hours of business: 0800 – 2200 Monday to Friday. 0900 – 1700 Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

When you call the SPCA on the GP line (0300 421 0300) they will ask if you would like your patient to be considered for Ambulatory Emergency Care. To help this process run as smoothly as possible, the SPCA have requested that GPs have the following information already: 


Patient details Surname

Date of birth
  NHS number
  Any safeguarding issues / is the patient vulnerable?
Accurate NEWS  score Respiratory rate
  Oxygen saturations
  Any supplement oxygen
  Temperature (centrigrade)
  Systolic BP
  Heart rate
  Level of consciousness
Other details Access to public or private transport?
  IV treatment anticipated?
  Acutely confused?
  NEWS score of 0?
  Discharged from hospital within 30 days?



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