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Feedback from Oncology

"This is to express my appreciation and thanks for the excellent and efficient care for one of my patients from Oncology that was carried out recently in Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC).  The patient had come to the Oncology Chemotherapy Helpline in the early morning with symptoms very suggestive of an acute pulmonary embolism.  We are rarely able to organise the definitive investigation for this condition (CTPA) on the same day so frequently our patients have to be started on injectable anti-coagulant drugs in case they are suffering from pulmonary embolism.  They then have to return on another day for the investigation and wait for the result.  I was impressed that my patient had the investigation very quickly on the way to AEC.  The result showed that she did not have a pulmonary embolism so she was able to go home from AEC without wasting time and without the need for unnecessary treatment.  Being able to send our patient to AEC freed up an acute bed in our helpline area for someone suffering from serious consequences of chemotherapy or cancer which need to be treated by the Oncology team.


"I feel that AEC provides a wonderful service which is efficient for our patients, our staff and our resources.  I trust that this excellent service will continue and be expanded to cover many areas of acute medical need that can be dealt with effectively in a one-day, one-stop service.  I trust that AEC will be well recognised and adequately funded so that your first-class service can continue."

Dr Colin Binks, Oncology Specialty Doctor

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