For patients - what happens in AEC

Patients who visit the AEC usually follow six simple steps. Please be aware that your individual journey through AEC may vary slightly:

1. Before you arrive

You may have been referred to the AEC by your GP, the Emergency Department (A&E) or some other route.

2. Arrive at AEC

You will be greeted by a member of staff who will introduce themselves and the unit facilities. You will also be given an indication of how long you will be on the unit.

3. Initial assessment

A nurse or doctor will undertake an initial assessment. They will ask you to explain your symptoms and the background to your illness.

4. Investigations

You may have to wait while staff arrange investigations such as xrays, blood tests and/or scans

5. Treatment

Once the results from your tests are known, the staff will create a treatment plan for you which will usually begin on the unit.

6. Next steps

Once your care in Ambulatory Emergency Care is complete you can go home. The staff will let you know the next steps for your treatment before you leave, which may include return to the unit for continued treatment and review. If you have any queries or concerns after you leave the unit please call us to discuss or if your condition worsens, call your family doctor.



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