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Our AEC service gets regular feedback from patients from a variety of channels inculding NHS Choices, our website and social media. We hope you find reading about their experiences reassuring and helpful.


Feedback from NHS Choices

I want to express my thanks to all the staff of both Departments especially the Nurse Practitioner and Doctor in the AEC unit, they put me at ease and were very kind and it goes without saying, professional....... A big thanks! :).
My appreciation also to Xray & porters.
You're all doing a great job

Feedback from our Website


Gloucester AEC

Unfortunately I had to spend a few hours at ED and AEC last Tuesday 26/05/2015. I developed a chest pain and ended up at ED. The nurse was with me just on admission and the doctor three minutes later. I was explained everything what's going to happen. I was reassured and the staff member was always around me. I had to wait a 6 hours to repeat my blood test so I was moved to AEC. Another surprise. Very calm atmosphere. Nurse and sister always around.

Chest pain is not vey comfortable situation but the staff of ED and AEC made it easier to go through. Would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Kate and Kim from ED and Lou and Leeann from AEC.

I wish you all the best in your hard work.

Gloucester AEC

"I recently developed a serious vasculitis condition which was misdiagnosed by my GP as an allergic reaction, delaying important treatment and allowing the condition to take a foothold. However when the symptoms and pain became critical I visited Glos Royal Hospital A & E and from that point I began receiving the highest level of professional care and consideration. From the triage nurse, to the attending doctor and finally the consultant and the team at the AEC I have received rapid effective treatment and care resulting in a phenomenal physical improvement coupled with the security of knowing that there was a team of concerned and capable professionals monitoring my condition and ongoing recovery. All too often we are quick to criticise the NHS and I have been no different in the past, but when I needed the NHS most, it delivered the best care and outcome I could ever have expected and I would like to pass my thanks to all members of team that orchestrated my rapid return to health."

Email to the Chief Executive

I'm currently sitting in your Ambulatory Emergency Care unit having walked into A&E this morning with chest pains. 

My initial assessment didn't find any problems but your A&E team convinced me the best course of action was to have blood tests taken over lunchtime. I'm now waiting for the results.

Your colleagues in A&E and particularly in the AEC unit are a credit to your organisation. They are thorough in their approach and their "bedside manner" first class.

Hopefully the test results will not show any issues and I'll be on my way soon but I felt it important to feedback to you what a positive experience my time in your hospital has been for me.


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