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Anaesthetics Staff

Meet the Team

There is a large team of professionals who will be involved in your care when you have an anaesthetic.


anaesthetistThe department consists of 59 consultants anaesthetists, and 26 specialty doctors  . They all have a base at either CGH or GRH but many work across all hospitals in the county.

In addition to permanent staff we also have trainee anaesthetists from the Severn Deanery training programme. All trainees are supervised by Consultants according to their level of competence.

The medical team who will be involved in your anaesthetic include:


  • Consultants: specialist doctors who have completed a long specialist training in anaesthesia
  • Specialty Doctors: specialty doctors(Staff Grade) are doctors who have chosen to specialse in anaesthetics but have not been through the complete specialist trainee system. More senior specialty doctors (Staff Grade) can become Associate Specialists.
  • Specialist Trainees: doctors who have been selected to train in anaesthesia. They have a year number from 1 through to 5 depending on how far through their training they are.
  • Ward doctors (F1 and F2): junior doctors who are in their first two years as a doctor and will work with more experienced doctors in theatre.


Current permanent staff

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital  

Dr Sarah Bakewell
Dr Debbie Burton
Dr Kay Chidley
Dr Paddy Clarke
Dr Tracey Clayton
Dr Robin Cooper
Dr Jo Cornes
Dr Ian Crabb
Dr Alex d’Agapeyeff
Dr Paul Downie
Dr Mike Durkin
Dr Dan Evans
Dr David Gabbott
Dr Charles Garcia-Rodriguez
Dr Claire Gleeson
Dr Colin Green
Dr Sarah Harper
Dr Louis Khor
Dr Sock Koh
Dr Alastair Mccrirrick
Dr Sarah Muddle
Dr Tom Perris
Dr Belinda Pryle
Dr Chris Roberts
Dr Peter Sanderson
Dr Malcolm Savidge
Dr Liz Spencer
Dr Judith Stedeford
Dr Anne Thornberry
Dr Steve Twigg
Dr Richard Vanner
Dr Nicky Williams


Associate Specialists
Dr Jo Cobbe
Dr Ian Godfrey


Specialty Doctors (Staff grade)
Dr Ahmed Adla
Dr Deepak Bansal 
Dr Udaya Chandar
Dr Kumi Gomes
Dr David Hamilton
Dr Johti Nimmagadda
Dr Mahesh Shetty
Dr Wilf Simanwe
Dr Abdul Wahed

Cheltenham General Hospital

Dr Mike Copp
Dr James de Courcy
Dr Warren Doherty
Dr Jon Francis
Dr David Goodrum
Dr Mark Haslam
Dr Trevor Johnson
Dr Sunny Karadia
Dr Caleb Mckinstry
Dr Mike Mcswiney
Dr Yvonne Marney
Dr Chris Mather
Dr Matt Oram
Dr Robert Orme 
Dr Mahesh Parmar
Dr Mandy Rees
Dr Ted Rees
Dr Peter Ritchie
Dr Susan Smith
Dr Leon Visser
Dr Carolyn Warr
Dr Simon Webster
Dr Sheila West
Dr Jon Williams
Dr Ann Young


Associate Specialists
Dr Adel El Bar
Dr Amr El Saied
Dr Raj Shivanna


Specialty Doctors (Staff grade)
Dr Zeenat Bhalla
Dr Robert Cross
Dr Vasu Devanesan
Dr Rajesh Giriyappa
Dr Dimuthu Gunasena
Dr Dia Hosny
Dr Claire Kaloo
Dr Mirela Krotki
Dr Evelina Polakova
Dr Ashraf Soliman
Dr Kiran Srinivasan
Dr Tomas Stankus

Administrative and Clerical Staff

The departments at CGH and GRH are big and busy places and there are a lot of day to day changes required to keep the service running smoothly. Day to day administrative work is done by Chris Finch at GRH and Jennifer Daley at CGH.

General Manager: Emily Morgan 

Gloucester Royal Hospital Anaesthetic Department:

Chris Finch - Department Administrator

Anthony Bee - Administrative Support Officer  

Cheltenham General Hospital Anaesthetic Department:

Jennifer Daley - Departmental Administrator
Betty Green - Administrative Support Officer

In theatre

The nursing team involved in anaesthesia and the operating theatre department include the following:

  • Theatre nurses: a team of trained nurses looking after all aspects of each operating theatre
  • Operating department practitioners (ODPs): fully trained practitioners who work in all areas of theatres
  • Anaesthetic assistants: ODPs and nurses who will assist the anaesthetist with your anaesthetic
  • Recovery staff: a team of nurses that will look after you in the initial period after surgery. They will assess and treat any post-operative problems such as pain, nausea and vomiting
  • Acute pain nurses: having completed further training in pain management, this team of nurses will assess your pain daily if needed and treat any pain problems.
  • Medical students: because we are a teaching hospital, there may be a medical student may be involved in your care.