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Out of County Rehabilitation

Following a period of acute in-patient rehabilitation with the Brain Injury Team, a patient may benefit from a further period of post-acute rehabilitation. This may be in a variety of different settings depending on the specialist needs of the patient. When ever possible patients will stay in County but on some occasions referral to an out of County rehabilitation unit will be required.

For all patients receiving rehabilitation out of county the Gloucestershire BIT allocates a therapy link to facilitate liaison whilst the patient is out of county and a smooth transition back into county. The therapy link responsibilities are as follows: -

  • To attend meetings in the out of county unit as appropriate
  • To liaise with the allocated social worker
  • To Inform the patient and relatives who the therapy link is and how to contact them
  • To liaise with the Out of County Unit regarding patient goals to be completed upon    discharge
  • To send out a leaflet and follow up with phone call to the family to introduce the Brain Injury Team and the services available
  • To link with the patients GP as soon as possible

Where funding is agreed by the PCT, patients may transfer to either: -