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The Brain Injury Group

The Brain Injury Group is an educational group primarily concentrating on cognitive difficulties after head injury. The format includes general education on normal cognitive functioning and strategies for managing some of the common consequences of brain injury.

The group is facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist and an Occupational Therapist. Attendees need to be sixteen or over, with an acquired brain injury. The content of the sessions is aimed towards people whose main ongoing symptoms are cognitive and impacting upon activities of daily living such as work. Attendees will need to have the ability to engage in group discussions and participate actively with tasks.

The group runs over six sessions (each lasting approximately two hours including breaks) and topics covered include: -

Week 1: - Introduction to Brain Injury - Managing Fatigue

Week 2: - Attention/Concentration

Week 3: - Memory

Week 4: - Goal setting

Week 5: - Thoughts and Feelings - Executive function

Week 6: - Future Plans - including returning to work.
This session is run alongside the Back to work co-ordinator for Gloucestershire

Quantitative and qualitative outcome measures are incorporated and past results have indicated improved understanding of brain injury, improved awareness of support services available and increased understanding of strategies to help manage ongoing difficulties.

To make a referral please write to: -

The Brain Injury Team

Ground Floor Beacon House,

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital,

Great Western Road,



Please discuss the referral with the client in advance as we will contact them with an appointment to meet with them prior to the group starting.

By the nature of brain injury, some people will be better served by individual sessions; if you would like to discuss a potential referral please contact either Andy Champion or Nicky Jago on 0300 422 5139.