Clinical Haematology

Clinical Haematology treats people for diseases such as leukaemia and lymphoma. Haematology is a term used to cover 'liquid' or blood diseases.

Haematologists are experts in diseases of the blood. Clinical haematologists look after patients on the wards and treat them. The commonest groups of disease that they treat are the leukaemias (cancer of the white blood cells), and lymphomas (cancer of the lymphatic system). They also manage some forms of anaemia, such as sickle cell anaemia and thalassaemia and deal with disorders of blood clotting.


Services Provided

The Clinical Haematology department caters for patients with diseases of the blood, both malignant and non-malignant, and provides comprehensive diagnostic services and continuing management to these patients.  For some malignant conditions, this may include the patient having an autologous stem cell transplant.

The Gloucestershire Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Service which is part of the Department of Clinical Haematology at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has received internationally recognised accreditation for its adult autologous stem cell transplant programme by JACIE (Joint Accreditation Committee for the International Society for Cellular Therapy and the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation). 

JACIE inspectors conducted an on-site evaluation of the ward and outpatient facility at Cheltenham General Hospital as well as the outpatient facility at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.  Accreditation is attained through evaluation of submitted documentation as well as the on-site inspections to determine if an organisation is in compliance with current JACIE standards.  JACIE standards are defined by leading experts based on the latest knowledge of the field of cellular therapy. It has been shown that outcomes for patients are better in organisations with accredited services than those without.

Clinical Haematology works very much as a team. The team regularly talk through every aspect of a patient’s care. Treatment plans for patients are also discussed with all the haematology experts.

We aim to provide high quality care with consideration given to individual patient needs. Specialist diagnostic services and therapy are available within the department.

Outpatient Services

The Department provides the following Outpatient Services: -

  • Clinical Assessment Service
  • General Haematology Service
  • Suspected Cancer Service


Inpatient and Day Case Services

Inpatient and Day Case Services are based at

  • Cheltenham General Hospital - Lilleybrook & Rendcomb Wards
  • Gloucestershire Royal Hospital – Edward Jenner Unit

Clinical Nurse Specialists

As a team we cover both Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH) and Cheltenham General Hospital (CGH).

We will be your "Keyworkers" and a core aspect of our role is to provide information and support to you throughout your treatment journey. If you feel that you would like further information at any stage, or would like to make an appointment to discuss things further, please do not hesitiate to contact us.

If your appointments or treatment is at Cheltenham General Hospital, please contact Claire Salter (07767 481716), Lisa Daniels (07767 481490) or Sian Middleton

If your appointments are at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, please contact Joanna Stokes (07920 756786). If Jo is unable to answer your call please do not leave a message but redial - 0300 422 5248 and ask the nursing staff at the Edward Jenner Unit to find her.


There are eight Haematologists who lead a team of specialist doctors and nurses. As a patient you may be seen by a clinician or by a doctor or nurse within the team. The clinicians have overall responsibilty for your care. 

Clinics are held at Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Cheltenham General Hospital

Outpatient Clinics take place in the LINC Outpatients Department.

  • Dr Adam Rye
  • Dr Oliver Miles
  • Dr Richard Lush

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Outpatient Clinics take place in the Edward Jenner Unit.

  • Dr Asha Johny
  • Dr Rebecca Frewin
  • Dr Sally Chown
  • Dr Michael Shields
  • Dr Philip Robson


Other Team Members

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS)
Sian Middleton                Lead Cancer Nurse and Haematology/Lymphoma CNS  CGH
Claire Salter                    Haematology     CGH
Jo Stokes                        Haematology     GRH

Lisa Daniels                   Haematology CGH

Patient information leaflets

Take a look at our patient information leaflets for more information.


How to find us

If your appointment is at the Edward Jenner Unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital:

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
Great Western Road,

Tel: 0300 422 5255
(please dial number in full)

View a map of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

The LINC Centre

If your appointment is at the LINC Centre at Cheltenham General Hospital:

Cheltenham General Hospital
Sandford Road,
GL53 7AN

Tel: 0300 422 2868 
(please dial number in full)

View a map of Cheltenham General Hospital

Transport for Patients

The stagecoach route 99 bus service runs between Cheltenham Racecourse Park and Ride, Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. This service is available for all patients and stops close to the Edward Jenner Unit in Gloucester and the LINC Centre in Cheltenham.

View the route 99 bus service timetable


Useful information

Lymphoma UK

Myeloma UK

Leukaemia Care

Macmillan Cancer Support

Village Agents

Haemochromatosis information


Contact us

Cheltenham General Hospital 

  • Enquiries 0300 422 4057
  • LINC Out-patients 0300 422 2868

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital 

  • Edward Jenner Reception 0300 422 5255

For Consultant contact details please see individual clinician's page.