Ear, Nose and Throat



Our ENT and Head & Neck Department cares for patients in Gloucestershire with a range of problems. 

These include both routine conditions and those requiring urgent treatment.  The inpatient unit is located at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where all operations are carried out.  As well as providing a general ENT service there are specialist services that treat deafness and ear disease, complex sinus problems, head and neck cancer and voice problems.  Many of these conditions are managed by Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT’s) where ENT staff work closely with other health professionals such as pathologists, speech therapists, specialist nurses, audiologists and hearing therapists.


We work closely with our Audiology Department who offer a range of hearing services including assessments for and fitting of behind-the-ear digital hearing aids, treat patients with  tinnitus or those requiring rehabilitation, hearing therapy, adult BAHA fitting, CROS aid fitting, cochlear implant after-fitting support and balance re-habilitation.


We have Outpatient Departments in both Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.  We have two dedicated specialist ENT/Head and Neck operating theatres in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and our own ward 2b which is located on the second floor of the Tower Block.

We also undertake regular consultant outpatient clinics with audiology support in many of the County’s community hospitals.  These clinics are held in Stroud, Dursley, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Lydney, Tetbury, Moreton in Marsh and Bourton on the Water.