Useful links

Helpful Links

The links below are for websites for common Ear, Nose and Throat diseases and which you may find helpful.  It is important to mention these websites provide basic knowledge about these conditions but various diseases can present with similar symptoms and any specific disease can present with different symptoms in different patients.  Please always consultant with a health professional if you are worried.

Links for ear related conditions:

Tinnitus (noise in ear):

Meniere's Disease:

Glue Ear:


Perforation of ear drum:


Acoustic Neuroma:

Links for conditions of the nose:



Surgery for sinus problems:

Rhinoplasty (Plastic surgery of nose to improve its appearance):

Links related to various conditions of throat and neck:

Surgery for tonsils:

Surgery for adenoid:

Endoscopic examination of voice box under general anaesthesia:

Lesions of skin over face:

Cancers of neck and throat: https://www.entuk/ent_patients/head_neck_conditions/head_neck_cancer

Surgery of salivary gland:

Surgery of neck for removal of cancerous lymph glands:

Removal of voice box:




As a department we work very closely with our colleagues in Audiology, please click on the link below for more information:

GHNHSFT Audiology Website


As a department we have an interest in supporting a charity called BRINOS who specialise in  the preventation and of ear disease in Nepal. 

Please click on the link below for more information: