General and Old Age Medicine

The department of General and Old Age Medicine deals with a wide variety of illness and problems. We deal principally with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of illness in older people. The goal of Old Age Medicine, working with other members of the health and social care team, is to restore an ill, disabled older person to a level of optimal health and, whenever possible, return them to an independent life at home. This involves careful planning of the discharge through discussion with the patient and other people involved in their care, as many patients will require support at the time of going home. The service links with community hospitals and the range of Intermediate care services in Gloucestershire so that care can be delivered in the best way at the best time.

Mission Statement

We are committed to the provision of high quality, modern and effective care by a specialist team committed to caring for older people in a safe, friendly environment.

We aim to deliver this with compassion, dignity and respect, working in partnership with the patient, family and carers.

We celebrate the diversity and lives of those entrusted in our care.

Services Provided

The department is dedicated to maintaining and improving the health, independence, and quality of life of older persons and focuses on reducing the burden of dependent persons through learning and discovery.

This is delivered by a multidisciplinary team working together on the ward or within a clinic setting, which will meet together at least once a week to discuss their patients. The team generally includes doctors, nurses, Physiotherapy occupational therapy, speech therapy, dietetics, social workers, pharmacy and psychology.

Woodmancote, Ryeworth, 9B and 4a, 4B are wards specialising in the ongoing care of older people, especially for those with more complex needs.

Falls Service
Specialist consultant-led falls clinics are run at Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, as well as in a number of community hospitals. The department also provided specialist orthogeriatric care on Ryeworth Ward and 4a. We are also responsible for the special syncope clinic, run at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. 

Movement Disorders
Specialist outpatient services are provided to aid in the diagnosis of movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, in older people, and also to provide multidisciplinary support to such patients.

Outpatient Services

The Department provides the following Outpatient Services.

  • Old Age Medicine service
  • General Medicine service
  • Falls service
  • Syncope service
  • Movement Disorders service

Please Note: Not all Services are provided at every Location.

Inpatient Services

Specialist Inpatient Services are based at:

  • Cheltenham General Hospital - Woodmancote and Ryeworth Wards
  • Gloucestershire Royal Hospital - Ward 9B, 4A and 4B


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