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Health Psychology

The Health Psychology Department provides countywide services to patients, their families, staff and organisations based on the evidence relating psychological factors to physical health and the delivery of health services.  

The importance of attending to the psychological needs of patients is a fundamental part of the clinical work of the NHS. 

For more information on the role of a psychologist in health care please follow the link to the British Psychological Society 

Services Provided

Members of the Health Psychology Department see both inpatients and outpatients and help people understand and better manage the impact of significant health problems.  Whilst many people find their own way of dealing with health related difficulties very often a little support at times of change when dealing with new and sometimes difficult situations, will prevent other problems from happening later.

Health Psychology services are funded in a variety of areas including:

Long Term Conditions


Bariatric Surgery

Brain Injury

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) Service


Older Adults

Pain Management & Rheumatology

Renal Medicine

Specialist Weight Management Service

Children's services

Paediatric diabetes

Cancer, Palliative Care and Haematology

Staff Support Services

GHT Staff Support