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Cancer, Palliative Care and Haematology

Cancer and Palliative care psychologists

Cancer and Palliative care psychologists are a small team of three clinical psychologists (2 whole time equivalents) based at Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Their aim is to provide a specialist psychological service for in and out patients, or their close family members or carers who are either

  • experiencing significant psychological difficulties as a result of cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment or life after treatment
  • experiencing significant psychological difficulties coping with a life threatening condition where a curative approach is no longer an option

The psychologists work closely with Site Specific Cancer Teams, the Oncology department, as well as inpatient and community Specialist Palliative Care teams.

How to refer to Cancer and Palliative Care psychologists

Referrals can be made to the psychologists either via cancer, oncology or palliative care teams or directly to the Health Psychology Department, Beacon House, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital       Tel: 08454 228523  (please see referral criteria within current annual report, below)

Haematology psychologists

The haematology psychologist (1.0 whole time equivalent) provides a dedicated service to the haematology multi-disciplinary teams to support, in and out patients, close family members and carers who are coping with significant psychological difficulties associated with the diagnosis and treatment of haematological cancers.  This includes helping patients and families prepare and cope with the psychological impact of bone marrow transplantation.

How to refer to the Haematology psychologist

Referrals can be made to the haematology psychologist either via the haematology teams at Cheltenham General or Gloucestershire Royal Hospital or directly on 08454 228117 (please note that messages may not be picked up everyday)

Patient Leaflets

Cancer, palliative care and haematology psychologists also have the following leaflets available in the trust to provide more information about their services:

Annual Reports

Current annual report - including information about the services we provide, our outcomes, and our referral criteria
Previous annual report - including case studies