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For more information on the services provided by the Health Psychology Department or to discuss service developments contact Leslie Morrison, Head of Health Psychology, Beacon House, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NN  Telephone: 0300 422 8523  Fax: 0300 422 8471


Aileen Thomson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist   Tel: 0300 422 8552          For enquiries relating to Older Adults, Acute Stroke, Brain Injury & Neurology Services

Polly Ashworth, Consultant Clinical Health Psychologist   Tel: 0300 422 8469    For enquiries relating to Pain Management, Rheumatology & Chronic Fatigue 

Nicky Dobbin, Clinical Psychologist    Tel: 0300 422 8117 For enquires relating to Paediatric Diabetes

Susan Savory, Consultant Clinical Psychologist     Tel: 0300 422 8523  For enquiries relating to Palliative Care, Cancer, Haematology, Renal Medicine and Paediatric Diabetes

Leslie Morrison (Service Lead for SWMS) / Gail Bohin, Clinical Psychologist (Clinical Lead for SWMS)      Tel: 0300 422 8110   For enquiries relating to Bariatric Surgery & Specialised Weight Management Services (SWMS)