Faulty Hearing Aids

Having problems with your hearing aid? Get help below from our trouble-shooting guide:

No sound coming from the hearing aid?

  • Replace the battery, make sure the sticker is removed and its the correct way up
  • Check the battery door is fully closed
  • The mould may be blocked wax, disconnect the earmould from the aid and wash in warm water
  • The mould may be blocked with condesation, disconnect the mould and blow though it.

Cracking and buzzing

  • Check that the aid has not been set to the T loop system.

Aid whistling

  • Check that the mould is inserted correctly
  • It may be a wax problem so please have your ears checked for wax  at your local surgery
  • Does the mould fit well in the ear? If loose it may need replacing
  • Is the tubing old and brittle and has it been replaced in the last six months?

The hearing aid does not sound loud enough

  • Is the mould fitted in the ear correctly?
  • Is there wax in your ears? If so have it removed at your local GP surgery
  • The mould may be blocked with condesation. Try disconnecting the mould and blowing though it
  • If you feel that your hearing is down a re-assessment of your hearing may be required.


  • The mould may be blocked with condensation -  disconnect the mould and blow through it.
  • Has your aid been exposed to moisture/rain? If so,  disconnect the mould and leave it in a warm place, like an airing cupboard. Not on direct heat.
  • Is the tubing old and brittle? Does it have a kink in it? Has it been replaced in the last six months?

If none of these recommendations work and you are still having difficulties with the hearing aid please contact us and we will arrange for you to see an audiologist:

If you do have difficulties in getting to see us we also offer a postal service. This is available for hearing aid repairs, retubing and maintenance. Please send your hearing aids in their original box with you battery book, and a note advising of your requirements. Preferably in a padded envelope for protection from damage. Please ensure you put sufficient postage on the envelope. Please do not return your old batteries.

For this service we ask you to provide the return postage.

Problems inserting the earpiece

Please go to our videos

Where to get hearing aid batteries

Please click on the link to give you a list of locations you are able to obtain hearing aid batteries from. When picking up batteries please take your brown record book with you. If you do not have a record book please contact our departement and we will post one off for you.

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