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The Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust serves a population of 608,050 and Hearing Services look after approximately 36,000 hearing aid users and support the work of seven ENT consultants.

The Department is based on two main sites: Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. However, because the County is very rural, we have tried to deliver a service to as many communities as possible. We currently offer Audiology and Hearing Aid Services to Stroud and Cirencester, with services in Tewkesbury, Lydney and Tetbury community hospitals.




Services provided

Our services

The Trust offers a range of expert services within local community settings and also at Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals.

1) Six week pathway for Adult Hearing Assessment

Use this when you are uncertain of the hearing level of your patient.

If however, you wish the patient to be considered for a hearing aid, please refer them to one of the following pathways instead. The benefits are that this speeds up the process and allow the Audiologist to start work without you seeing the patient between the hearing assessment and the hearing aid referral.

2) 18 week pathway for Adult hearing aid assessment

Use this when your patient is not be able to attend the hearing Services Department twice in four weeks and wants a hearing aid.

Please note:

All three of the services described above can be accessed easily through Choose & Book or paper referral, depending on the location.

All three services rely on your ability to discuss the implications of each pathway with the patient.

  • Six week assessment: the patient will need to discuss the result with you for further referral / treatment
  • 18 week hearing aid assessment: the patient wants a hearing aid.

To refer a patient please complete the correct forms.

18 week pathway  

Important note – clear and visible eardrums

All three services depend on your patient’s eardrums being fully visible and healthy. It is therefore very important that any wax present is removed by your surgery before the hearing assessment takes place (Approx. 5%, or 85 new patients were sent back to GP colleagues to have the wax removed).

Please, refer to the referral pro forma flow chart to help choose the correct pathway

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