Welcome to the Lymphoedema Service

As part of Gloucestershire Hospitals Foundation Trust we work within the acute and community settings however we are not based on either hospital sites.  We see patients in their own homes, on wards and departments, Nursing Homes, Community Hospitals and Hospice sites.  


Our Aim is to provide patients with lymphoedema an effective care service, which will be tailored to the severity of their condition, encouraging the individual to achieve self-management wherever possible.


In certain circumstances self-management may not be possible (palliative patients).  We therefore believe that the relief of symptoms is of paramount importance and as such will endeavour to equip care providers with the necessary skills to help alleviate these distressing symptoms.


In recognition that this service is unable to see all patients with  lymphoedema we will undertake the task of providing education and supervision to Health Care Professionals engaged in providing care for those with a predisposition to acquiring lymphoedema.