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Medical Physics

Medical Physics is an area which involves the application of science and technology to patient care.


Work carried out by Medical Physics is quite varied, often including aspects of patient care which occur in the background to their treatment, such as research and development, ensuring accurate treatment delivery and, advancing medical imaging techniques to enable clinicians to visualise the inside of the body and make a correct diagnosis based on the information they find.


Gloucestershire Medical Physics Service (GMPS) deals with five major areas, which include diagnostic radiology, radiation protection, nuclear medicine, non-ionising radiation and radiotherapy.


GMPS also provides scientific support and training to a wide range of other services and staff groups within the hospital, including nurses, technicians and consultants.


We are also actively involved with the Clinical Scientist and Clinical Technologist training schemes


Please note that if you would like work experience in the hospital, requests must be made via the Lifelong Learning Department.  If you are particularly interested in Medical Physics, mention this to them, and where possible we will try to accommodate your request.