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Radiation Protection Services


Department of Medical Physics    

Leadon House                                                          

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Great Western Road



Tel: 0300 4226907 or 0300 4226117  Fax: 0300 4226489



GLOSRAD, the Radiation Protection Service, forms part of the Medical Physics Department of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


We provide a service to all users of ionising and non-ionising radiation in the form of Radiation Protection Advice and Training, Personal and Environmental Radiation Monitoring, Equipment Audit and Instrument Calibration.


The staff of GLOSRAD are qualified Healthcare Scientists specialising in the field of Medical Physics, and will provide support to any user of radiation who must comply with current legislation.


We currently serve NHS Trusts, Veterinary Surgeons, Dental Surgeons, Schools, Universities and Industry.


Please use the links below (or in the menu at the side) for further information on what services we provide:

Radiation Protection Advice

Radiation Protection Training

Ionising Radiation Equipment Audit

Radiation Dosimetry