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Radiation Dosimetry

GLOSRAD is an HSE approved dosimetry service for external whole body and extremity/skin dose assessment, co-ordination and record keeping. A comprehensive range of personal radiation dosimeters is available to meet your dosimetry requirements. Wearing a personal radiation dosimeter ensures doses for staff involved in work with ionising radiation are As Low As Reasonably Achievable within the requirements of the Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999.


GLOSRAD dosimeters use thermoluminescent technology based on Lithium Fluoride. This is a tissue equivalent material, so the dose received by the dosimeter is representative of the dose to the wearer.


This type of material is able to store exposure data for a long period of time and so we can offer monitoring over one, two or three month wear periods, as appropriate to the level of radiation risk.

 TLD holder and insert

Named dosimeters are provided as standard for both whole body and extremity dosimeters. This enables ease of distribution and clear dose reporting.


GLOSRAD dosimeters measure accurately across a wide dose range, having the sensitivity to meet the very low detection levels required to assess dose for the current Ionising Radiation Regulations. They are of a robust design which makes them suitable for use in most work environments.


We provide a wide range of extremity dosimeter configurations to suit special applications, such as fingertip, forehead (eyes), wrist and ankle.