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AKI Guidelines for Hospital Clinicians

These guidelines have been produced to assist clinicians with the investigation and treatment of patients with Acute Kidney Injury ( AKI ). This is a medical emergency.

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After classification follow guidelines for investigation and management

AKI Classification

Grading AKI provides useful prognostic information at time of diagnosis.

Grade Serum creatinine criteria Urine output criteria

increase ≥ 26 μmol/L reference creatinine within 48hrs

or increase ≥1.5 to 1.9 times reference creatinine

<0.5 mL/kg/hr for > 6 hrs
2 increase ≥ 2 to 2.9 times reference creatinine <0.5 mL/kg/ hr for  >12hrs

increase ≥3 times reference creatinine

or increase ≥354 μmol/L

or commenced on renal replacement therapy irrespective of stage

<0.3 mL/kg/ hr for > 24 hrs

or anuria for 12 hrs