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Who are the Renal Physicians?

Dr Preetham Boddana  - 0300 422 8298

Dr Su Jenkin  - 0300 422 6299

Dr Jim Moriarty - 0300 422 8298

Dr Tom Pickett - 0300 422 6299

Dr Madhu Potluri - 0300 422 6762


How to collect a urine sample for ACR

Take 25ml of the first urine specimen of the day into a sterilin pot ( ideal if possible but random specimen will suffice). Label specimen with Names, DoB, Date collected and any patient identifier numbers. Complete request form stating:

Specimen = urine

Test Request = ACR


Some useful links

Full printable official guidelines

Concise printable official guidelines (doc needs to be uploaded into nephrology sharepoint site)


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