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Cheltenham Radiotherapy Department

Cheltenham Oncology Centre comprises of radiotherapy and chemotherapy services. Our multi disciplinary team of highly skilled clinical oncologists, medical physicists, therapeutic radiographers and nurses are dedicated to delivering high quality cancer treatment.

The department has access to the latest radiotherapy equipment and techniques as well as being involved with clinical trials for new treatments.

The decision to use radiotherapy is made on a patient-by-patient basis. Therefore, all patients require an individualised treatment plan. Once your consultant has decided to give you radiotherpay you will be sent a simulator appointment, to plan your treatment along with your treatment times.

Radiotherapy at Cheltenham is used to treat many forms of cancer including skin, prostate, breast, anal, head and neck and cervical. It can be given alongside chemotherapy and/or surgery.


Radiotherapy Facilities

The centre offers a full range of radiotherapy equipment including:

  • 5 linear accelerators - 3 have image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) facilities, 4 have intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) facilities
  • 1 orthovoltage unit
  • 1 high dose rate brachytherapy unit - currently used for gynaecological treatments.
  • A pre treatment suite - 1 simulator and 1 CT simulator
  • A planning suite - 3D planning and conformal planning
  • Nuclear Medicine - iodine treatment for thyroid cancer

There are 2 oncology wards attached to the department.

There is also a hostel suite with 4 rooms available for patients who have travelled a considerable distance.


Contact Us

Contact Radiotherapy Reception on: 0300 422 4147