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How to find Ophthalmology

General information on parking and travel

Find out  how to find us by visiting our travel pages.

 Parking information at Cheltenham General Hospital and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital can also be found on this site.


Directions to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Outpatients Department

Start Point: Volunteer Reception Desk in the Atrium (Main hospital entrance)

You can either take the stairs opposite the reception desk up to the first floor;


Take one of the lifts situated to the left of the stairs (which are located in a recess), you need to take the lift to the first floor

You will then need to book in at the Ophthalmology Outpatient Reception Desk


Directions to the Orchard Centre Eye Outpatients Department

Start Point:  Volunteer Reception Desk in the Atrium

With your back to the reception desk, you need to walk to the right, passing the toilets.

Go straight down the long corridor through the Physiotherapy area until you come to the automatic doors.

You end up just across from  the small car park in front of the Orchard Centre

You need to take the path in front of the car park, near to the Orchard Centre, and follow it round to the right (do not go into the entrance in front of the car park as you won't reach the Eye Unit) 

As you follow the path around the corner, you will see the signposted entrance for Eye Outpatients.


Directions to Cheltenham General Hospital Eye Outpatients Department

Start point: Sandford Road Entrance

Enter the hospital through Sandford Road entrance with pillars.

Turn right and follow corridor to end. There are stairs going down (just by Fairview Day Surgery doorway), take these stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn left into Ophthalmology Outpatients Department

Walk along the corridor , turn right at the end of the corridor and you will see Reception


If you park in the car park in Sandford Road, when you are facing towards the pillars you can walk to your right across the car park and find the  Ophthalmology Outpatients Front Porch Entrance in the smaller part of the car park (i.e the smaller car park not directly in front of the pillars)


Directions to Eyford Ward and Eye Theatre (CGH)

Start point: East Block Outpatient’s entrance

Enter hospital via east block outpatient’s entrance.

Walk through waiting room into corridor turn left   and follow corridor to end. There are two flights of stairs. Or there is also a lift at end of corridor, press button to call lift, enter lift, and press number 2 for Eyford Day Unit


Start point: Sandford Road Entrance:

Enter hospital through Sandford Road entrance with pillars.

Turn right and follow corridor to end. There are stairs going up to Eyford day unit.

For patients who cannot manage stairs or wheelchair users there is a lift beside the stairs.  Enter lift press number 2 for Eyford 


Directions to Fairview Pre-Assessment Unit



Start point: enter hospital via East Block Out patients entrance.

Walk through waiting room

Go into corridor, turn right through doors and either use stairs to go up to Fairview or use lift, press number 1.

When you exit lift, on the landing, go through door opposite and you enter the Fairview Cataract pre-assessment unit.