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Directory of outpatient services for diabetic medicine

Before you arrive

  • Hospital transport is limited and reserved only  for those who have no other means. Therefore, we ask you to make your own arrangements wherever possible. We request that you liase with your GP surgery to book transport.
  • All patients with diabetes should have a blood test (for diabetes control, kidney function, cholesterol levels) done one week prior to their appointment. This can be arranged at your GP surgery.  The doctor will have given you a form at your previous appointment, however, if it is your first visit please ask your GP for a form if you havent been sent one.
  • Please bring a urine sample (first urine sample of the day), your home blood glucose readings (diary or meter) and your most up-to-date prescription to the clinic appointment.

What to expect in clinic

  • On arrival at the clinic please report to the receptionist
  • You will be seen by a clinic nurse who will check your height, weigh you and measure your blood pressure. You will also be asked details of your last eye screening and foot examination
  • The doctor that you see will be a consultant or a member of their team. There may be medical students present, but you have the right to ask to see the doctor alone.
  • In clinic you will have the opportunity to see the Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Dietitian and Podiatrist


Diabetes Clinics

  • General
  • Young adults 
  • Joint diabetes/renal
  • Insulin pump
  • Antenatal


General Clinic

Clinics are held throughout the week at both hospitals and several times a month at various community hospitals.

Referral criteria:

  • All patients with type 1 diabetes
  • Patients with type 2 diabetes with poor control or complications
  • Any patient where the type of diabetes is uncertain at diagnosis (eg possible MODY)
  • Secondary diabetes (eg cystic fibrosis-related)


Young Adults Clinic

  • Clinics are held monthly on a Friday afternoon at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and quarterly at Cheltenham General Hospital 
  • Responsible consultants: Dr Alison Evans, Dr Helen Gray, Dr Suzanne Phillips. Diabetes Specialist Nurses and a Dietitian are also present
  • Transition clinics are held on demand with members of the paediatric diabetes team


Joint Diabetes/Renal Clinic

  • Clinics are held monthly on a third Friday afternoon at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and fourth Friday afternoon at Cheltenham General Hospital
  • Responsible diabetes consultants: Dr Alison Evans, Dr Tripti Mahajan, Dr Suzanne Phillips
  • Renal Consultant : Dr Tom Pickett
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Dietitians (and Pharmacist - GRH only) are also present


Insulin Pump Clinic

  • Clinics are held on Monday mornings of weeks 1,3 and 4. Insulin Pump Consultant, Diabetes Specialist Nurse and a Dietitian are present


Antenatal Clinic

  • Clinics are held every Monday morning in the Women's Centre.
  • Responsible consultants: Dr Tripti Mahajan and Dr Helen Gray. A Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Dietitian are also present.

Referral criteria:

  • All patients with diabetes at the point their pregnancy is confirmed
  • All patients undergoing active treatment for Graves’ disease, prolactinomas and other endocrine conditions which may alter in pregnancy

Patients will usually be seen within that week


Joint Pituitary Clinic

  • Clinics are held on alternate months on a Monday morning (Gloucestershire Royal Hospital)
  • Responsible Consultants: Dr Alison Evans and Mr Nelson (Pituitary Surgeon, Frenchay Hospital)


Lipid Clinic

  • Clinics are held at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on alternate Monday afternoons, the fourth Thursday afternoon and the first Friday afternoon of the month. Clinics are also held at Cheltenham General Hospital on alternate Monday afternoons and the fourth Wednesday afternoon of the month.

Referral criteria:

  • Primary lipid disorders
  • Resistant dyslipidaemia for consideration of combination therapy
  • Primary and secondary cardiovascular disease prevention