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Questions you may want to ask at your outpatient appointment

It is not always easy to remember the questions that you want to ask the consultant or member of their team during your appointment, due to feeling anxious or overwhelmed. This sheet offers some helpful guidance on the type of questions to ask before you leave your appointment. You may wish to take it with you and write some notes.

What might be wrong?

You could ask the following questions:

  • "Can I check that I have understood what you said?" or "What you're saying is .....?"
  • "Can you explain it again? I still don't understand."
  • "Can I have a copy of any letters written about me?"

What about any further tests, such as blood tests, scans and so on?

  • "What are the tests for?"
  • "How and when will I get the results?"
  • "Who do I contact if I don't get the results?"

What treatment, if any, is best for you

  • "Are there other ways to treat my condition?"
  • "What do you recommend?"
  • "Are there any side effects or risks?"
  • "How long will I need treatment for?"
  • "How will I know if the treatment is working?"
  • "How effective is this treatment?"
  • "What will happen if I don't have any treatment?"
  • "Is there anything I should stop or avoid doing?"
  • "Is there anything else I can do to help myself?"

What happens next and who to contact

  • "What happens next?" or "Do I come back and see you?"
  • "Who do I contact if things get worse?"
  • "Do you have any written information?"
  • "Where can I go for more information, a support group or more help?"