For children

You have been admitted to the Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU)

Sometimes, if you're feeling unwell, you need to be seen quickly.  

If this happens, you might need to be seen by the children’s doctors and nurses in the Paediatric Assessment Unit, sometimes called the PAU.  

When you come into the unit, you will be seen by a children’s nurse. 

  • You will be weighed by one of the friendly nurses and they will also check your observations  
  • Your temperature is taken by putting a small probe in your ear which beeps- it doesn’t hurt and is very quick  
  • Your heart rate is taken by the nurse holding your wrist and counting your pulse  
  • We might also check your blood oxygen levels by putting a small probe onto your finger which is a bit like a peg.  It doesn’t hurt but just feels a bit funny.  


While you wait to see a doctor, there are always books and toys that you can read and play with. You might even be able to watch the TV or do some craft activities with the play specialist.  If you are well enough and your nurse says you can go, you might like to visit our play room.

When the doctor sees you, they might listen to your chest with their stethoscope, or feel your tummy, put a special torch in your ears, or use a light to look at your throat.  Don’t worry, they don’t hurt, but they do feel a bit uncomfortable.  The doctor might decide that you need to be seen by another doctor, or that you can go home, or that you need to be admitted to the ward to stay overnight.

If you can go home, you might need to take some special medicine home to continue there.  Try and follow any instructions you are given and listen to your adult when they are carrying out the hospital instructions at home.  We know this can be difficult, but it will hopefully get you better quickly.

If you need to come into hospital for the night, don’t worry - our ward is fun!