For children

You are coming to the Day Unit for an operation

Sometimes children need to have an operation to make them better. This is done in hospital.

When you come and see us we will do all we can to make your stay as nice as possible.

You won’t be with us for very long; we will get you back home as quickly as possible.

We have toys,  games, colouring, televisions and Play Specialists who will tell you all you need to know about going to have your operation so there will be lots to see and do.

When you first arrive: 

  • We will weigh you
  • If you would like, a play specialist will come and visit you. You can see some pictures that show what is going to happen next
  • We will ask you to put on a theatre gown
  • We will put some special cream on your hand with a see-through plaster on top. This is because when you have an operation you have a little tube in your hand for medicine
  • We will ask you to take some paracetamol (Calpol) before you have your operation.

While you wait for your operation, you can play with our toys, or read a book, but hopefully you won’t have to wait too long.  When it is your turn, the theatre staff will come and collect you on your trolley, and your grown up will walk alongside you. When you wake up, your grown up will be beside you and you will come back to the Day Unit on the trolley again.

Once you have woken up from your operation, the doctors and nurses will say when you can go home.