For children

People you might meet

Play Specialists / Play Assistants

If the doctor or nurse says you are well enough to play, and you are not infectious to other children, then you can visit our play room in the Children’s Centre. There are lots of things to play with and the really friendly Play Specialists who work there will love to play with you. If you don’t feel well enough to go to the play room, or are unable to leave your cubicle, the Play Specialists/Assistants can come and visit you at your bed. They can help explain any of the tests or operations you are going to have, which can make you feel better if you’re feeling worried. Play Specialists and Assistants wear a light blue coloured tunic with a balloon logo.


The nurses look after you on the wards – you can ask them anything you like. They wear a blue and white striped dress-top with navy blue trousers. 




Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare assistants (HCAs) are a vital part of the team that supports the medical staff and patients in wards and departments throughout the hospital. You may see them taking your temperature, and are always happy to talk if you have any questions or concerns.





The doctors will talk to you about why you need to stay in hospital and how long you might need to stay in for.  They do not wear a uniform, but some doctors wear a stethoscope around their neck so they can listen to your chest.




If you need to have an operation a surgeon will come and visit you and tell you what's going to happen. They will probably bring an anaesthetist too who will help you go to sleep before the operation. Surgeons wear a blue outfit and a hat called ‘scrubs’.





Porters move everything and everyone around the hospital. They wear a light blue shirt and dark blue trousers.




School room and teachers

If you go to school, we have a school room with school teachers. You can either bring some work in from your school, or the teachers will give you some different work. If you are well enough, and not infectious, you can visit the school room, or the teacher can come to your bedside.  During school hours, you are supposed to do school activities. Read more about the School Room