As the largest provider of children’s services in Gloucestershire, we aim to provide all children and young people with safe, effective and reliable care.

You are a valued member of your child’s healthcare team and we encourage you to take part in their care as much as possible while in hospital.

Our specialty services are provided by a team of doctors, specialist nurses, dieticians, orthoptists, optometrist, orthopaedic and physiotherapy practitioners – all of whom specialise in children’s care. Within our team we also have reception staff and play specialists working together to ensure effective running of the clinics providing support for parents, children and young people.

We hope you find everything you need on these pages. If you still have a question for one of our team please contact us 

People you may meet  Travelling to our hospitals Meals and facilities If your child is staying overnight
Children with special needs
What to bring with you Paediatric Admissions Unit Medication and follow up Children with special needs and disabilities