For parents

Supporting your child

Our hospital paediatric teams will liaise and work with all professionals involved in the care of your child to help achieve the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes. See the Children & Families Act 2014

Pre-school children

For the infant and pre-school child with a new diagnosis, your Health Visitor will be involved to start supporting you and understanding and meeting your child's needs, This is an important first step in receiving the best local support. 

School age children

Children with long-term health conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, allergy, and children with more complex health conditions will need their schools to draw up and implement an individual health care plan.

Children who need funded support for more specialist educational needs (called an EHC Plan) will be advised of this level of need by the Special Educational Needs professional (SENCO or SEN advisor),  or other Educational Professionals involved in the care of their child.

Health Advice for the EHC (Education, Health and Care Plan) will come from all the different health professionals involved with your child’s care.  We aim to provide an overview summary and to provide advice on aspects of the health condition, defined as more specialist.